Hockey Ireland ‘GO’ Membership database

North Down HC is affiliated to Hockey Ireland (HI) through its affiliation to Ulster Hockey (UH).

At its AGM in 2018 HI approved the introduction of a new HI membership system.  This also has the support of UH.

HI requires every club affiliated to HI to supply the names, email addresses and dates of birth of every playing member, from age 6 upwards, by the end of February 2019.  For under 18s it is a parent’s email address which is required.

North Down representatives have attended two briefing sessions on the new ‘GO’ Membership system and, whilst details and timings etc have yet to be established by HI, this is our understanding  of the thinking behind the new system and how it will affect our members.

Initially HI wants to get a feel for the numbers and age ranges of people actually playing hockey in Ireland.  This is information which could be of interest to potential sponsors. HI will use the database to distribute information on HI activities.  At North Down we assume that the database will be of interest to potential sponsors.  We have been advised that there will be an opt out facility for individuals.

When our membership data has been downloaded to the HI ‘GO’ system, each of our playing members will be allocated a unique ID number which they will retain permanently even if they subsequently transfer to another club.  In the future, this ID number will be included on match cards which at some future date may also be electronically based.  The ID system may also be extended to include a photo ID card or smart phone link.  There is no definite timescale for any of this apart from the issue of the ID number.

From next season 2019/20, each playing member will be billed for their HI membership directly by HI.  Members who do not pay by the cut off date will be ineligible to play in any UH/HI competition.  At present, each club pays affiliation fees to HI, via UH, of £435 per team – in our case a total of £4350 which equates to approx. £25 per playing member.  HI have not yet established an individual fee for next season but it is likely to be only a token amount for all under 18s.  It is also possible that this part of the system may not be implemented until 2020/21.

All things being equal, when the individual fee is introduced it should not affect the total you pay annually to play hockey as North Down will reflect the reduction in affiliation fees paid directly by the Club in setting subscriptions for the season.

Updated information will be included on this page when it is received.  We are also interested in hearing from other clubs etc to find out if their understanding of this membership system is as we have stated above.  Use the comment facility on this page or email .